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 Cessnock Rugby League Committee
2020 - 
Email: webadmin@cessnockrugbyleague.net.au
President: Ross Murray   
Secretary: Cherie Douglas    
Treasurer: Kristy-Ann Wilkinson 

Senior Vice President Darrell Wilkinson        Junior Vice President                        
                           Gary (Red) Hindmarsh
Registrar Tammy Avery                          
Assistant Secretary: Kelly Neville
Assistant Treasurer: Sharron Murray
Public Officer: Kristy-Ann Wilkinson  
Liquor Licensee: Kelly Neville 
Ground Manager Glenn Goodwin
Gear Steward Glenn Goodwin
Newcastle delegate Cherie Douglas
Judiciary Representative Damian Bultitude           Committee aside from above people these following are also members Anthony Smith,
David Cleaves, Shane Neville, Bill Hurst.        
Patron Joel Fitzgibbon
Accountant  Anova

       Cessnock Rugby League


Welcome to 2020 Goanna fans in what is shaping up to be a positive      year  for the Goannas. With Todd Edwards returning as Head coach and will be  abley assisted by Matt Ambrum. Unfortunately due to the         Corona virus the start of the season is unclear.  Some new off season    recruits along with our local talent, there are some high hopes for a     good season ahead.                                                                             

Some high profile recruits will bolster the ranks and add some depth to the host of local talent that has been filtering through the grades in the past few seasons. Names like Brayden Musgrove, Cameron King, Emanuel Sithole, Issac Briggs, a returning Joel Edwards, Josh Griffiths, Liam McAvoy, Ngangarra Barker, Nick Newmwn, Robert Tuliatu, Tom Baker, Tyrone Amey And Tyler Randall along with locals and the return of incumbents Josh Charles, Jye Ireland, Seaton Reid, Steve Waetford, Blake Andrews, Reed Hugo, Sam Apthope & Kori Barber . 

Brent Morris has been appointed as reserve Grade coach and will be abley assisted by Lachlan Edwards after a tough 2019 he will benefit from the additional depth that the offseason recruitment team has provided. Our club and all our supporters wish Alec and all the Reserve grade a succesful season.

Tory Neville wil be the open age mentor for 2020, hopefully  leading the open grade lads into a succesful season Tory will bring the boys together and have a competitive year. 

Unfortunately the U19s failed to fill a team for 2020.

We're moving forward into Season 2020

Cessnock Old Boys Facebook



Cessnock Rugby League Facebook


and be sure to check out

Cessnock Minor Rugby League Facebook and Website to follow what our junior Goey's are up to.


Whats happening in Season 2020

Head Coach for 2020

Todd Edwards assisted by
Matt Ambrum

Womens League Tag was introduced in 2017

Coaching Staff:

Open Grade
Tory Neville

Reserve Grade
Brent Morris assisted by Lachlan Edwards

Ladies league tag
Luke Webb


Twitter Account has been created to update fans on score updates on Game Day.

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