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The Club's History is being electronically documented and will soon be displayed here on this site.

If you have any historical information regarding the club, including photos or personal antidotes and you would like to share - please email cessnockgoannas@live.com.au



Club History

Former Office Bearers for CRLFC
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Some Club history submitted by Mark Bennis
In our first premiership, when the 'Nocks beat Souths 18-3 in 1941,Cessnock's scorers were:Tries: McCallum (2), Norley, MaherGoals: McKinnon (3)Cessnock led 5-0 at HT, then 18-0 in 2nd half, before Souths scored late try

1941 - Defeated South 18-3 in the FINAL
R Johnson, G Maher, R McKinnon, K Parkinson,
T Askie, J Norley, B Gilmore, S McSparron, R Roddom, 
C McCallum, F Dreise, R Alexander, W Mowatt.
No Individual Scorers
: R McKinnon


1950 - Defeated Central 19 - 12 in the GRAND FINAL
D Parkinson,W Lind, K Levido, K Roe, K Austin,   W Sneddon,  J Hemsworth, B Levido, R Alexander,        
D Schofield, G Stevenson, C Barnard, J White         Cessnock 19:Tries - W Lind, K Roe, K Austin,   
Goals:  D Parkinson (5) 
Coach: W Sneddon

1954 - Defeated Maitland 15-3 in the FINAL
D Parkinson, L Batey, K Levido, K Allen, W Pryor, M Walters,  W Sneddon, B Levido, F Lennard, D Schofield, G Stevenson, N Crosdale, H Pearson
Cessnock 15: Tries - L Batey, W Pryor 
Goals: D Parkinson (3)
Coach: H Halverson (Bert)

1955 - Defeated Maitland 9-7 in the FINAL
D Parkinson, J Harden, K Levido, K Allen, L Batey,      M Walters,  J Hemsworth,  B Levido, J Anderson,  D Schofield, G Stevenson, N Crosdale,
H Pearson:
Cessnock 9: Tries - J Harden, Goals:  D. Parkinson (3)
Coach: H Halverson (Bert)

1960 - Defeated Maitland 33-5 in the FINAL
R Muir, A Callaghan, J Hemsworth, L Batey, 
A Taylor, W Cartright, N Hannah, B Levido, L Buckland, 
E Craft, D Schofield, N Crosdale, G Farnham
Cessnock 33: Tries - L Batey (2), A Callaghan, A Taylor, W Cartright. Goals: R Muir (9)
Coach: W Sneddon

1972 - Defeated Maitland 18-10 in the GRAND FINAL
  J Batey, B Slade, M Goldman, R Sneesby,
D Moore,  G Bradley, L Hannah, J Scott, D Clark, 
R Thomson, W Jobson, N Henderson, D White, L Clifton, 
W Mitchell
Cessnock 18: Tries R Sneesby (2) 
Goals: M Goldman (6)
Coach: N Henderson

1977 - Defeated Maitland 21-17 in the GRAND FINAL
G Redgrove, G Payne, G Ambrum, M Goldman, 
T Williams, N Stevens, J Fairns, D Pemberton, P Davies, 
R Everson, H Tatana, B Holden, W Jowett, D Moore, 
R Mullard, W Jobson
Cessnock 21: Tries  G Ambrum, H Tatana, P Davies Goals: H Tatana (6)
Coach: H Tatana

2003 - Defeated Raymond Terrace 22-20 in the GRAND FINAL
L Lennard, D Forder, D Greenup, C Tallen, 
D Spiteri, S Storrie, K Bradley, T Petrysen, D Smailes, 
J Clarke, S Bailey, A McNab, A Taylor, L Thomas, R Blain, A Murdoch, E Piakura
Cessnock 22: Tries D Forder D Spiteri, S Storrie, 
L Lennard 
S Storrie (3)
Coach: D Smailes

 1934, 1951, 1952, 1954, 1957, 1958, 1964, 1977, 1978, 1980.




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