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 Cessnock Rugby League Football Club was established in 1911.

The Club Celebrated its Centennary in 2011 where the Teams of the Century were named.


™ Brendan Hlad ™ Dan Metcalfe ™ Joel Brown ™ Terence Seu Seu ™

™ Beau Ryan ™ Chris Pyne ™ Al Lantry ™ Colby Schrader ™

™ Shaun Metcalf ™ Brendan Worth ™ Riley Brown ™ Matt Ireland ™

™ Alec Fata ™Kori Barber ™ Junior Afu ™ Craig Hunt 

™ Jacob McKendry ™ Daniel Metcalf ™  Sepeti Afu ™

š Ethan Ernst š Jack Fitzgibbon š Brad Grant š Mick Deacon š

š Adam Tearle š Aaron Marks š Fabian Dunstan š Gene Brown š 

š Cal Orchard š Matt Gossage š Heath Tsakkisiris š 

 š Andrew Telea š Brett Stevens š Daniel Murray š Joe Gay š 

 š Ben Thompson š Simione Mamaloa š 

š Luke Campbell š Kyle Ridgeway š Owen Kemp š

™ Callum Orchard ™ Matt Law ™ Dean Waring ™ Jake Warburton ™

™ Jay McCord ™ Jason Orr ™ Zeb Dunstan ™ Zaine Morgan ™

™ Sam Wilson ™Luke Vernon ™ Harry Wright ™ Jayden Brown 

™ Nathan Aitchison ™ Joel Thurgood ™ Cruze Kirk ™

š Ryley Thomas š Eli Levido š Joel Hafey š Oliver Powell š 

š Matt Howard š Joe Woodbury š Josh Craig š Jacob Garland š

šJosh Kiem š Robert Tuliatu š Rhys Binns š Jade Antcliffe š 

š Brandon Brennan š Jordan Stratton š Daniel Jurd š 

š Sam Apthorpe š Kurt Threadgateš


™ Todd Edwards š Troy Gil ™ Stephen Dunstan š Matt Ambrum ™

š Adrian McNab ™ Brad Hafey š Lance Lennard ™

Apologies to all players who are yet to be acknowledged..

These details will updated as per the program in Round 1

Apologieallo all pl

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