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Both our 18's and First Grade had a very successful run home to the Final series.

The 18's  - Coached by David Woodbury -had an amazing year - a great group of young men, playing well and showing great potential as future first graders.  The boys unfortunately got knocked out one game away from the Grand Final - Great effort for the boys in their first season in Grade footy.

Our 23's - lead by Coach Steve Dunstan  played a great deal of good football and were impressive throughout the season - unfortunately the boys were forced out of the competition too early.
Steve is an exceptional helper when it comes to the Club - always willing to pass on his knowledge, skills and fitness tips to the players, he not only coaches his boys -he gets in and helps other grades whenever he is able.
Steve had the pleasure of watching his 3 sons play together this season -a very proud moment for their parents and a mark of history for the Club.

Reserve Grade had a disappointing year - although the Captain Coach Brett Stevens may not have come away with wins during the season - he can be proud of his efforts as he lead the team by putting his body on the line - giving more than you would think possible to give, week in week out - Brett had a tough job, a difficult job to captain coach, especially a team full of shift workers and players only showing committment at game time. 
to the players who continued to turn up week in and week out - well done - team work, loyalty and pride run deeper than just a win - even without a successful season under his belt - Brett and the boys who continued to play with pride and good sportsmanship - are still winners!

First Grade - well these guys were not given a hair of a chance when Steve Kidd from Kurri was appointed Coach for 2014!  Didn't Kiddy and the boys prove the critics wrong - These guys had a magical run home and won a spot in the game of the year - the  Grand Final - unfortunately the boys were outplayed by West Newcastle - but the Club, Supporters, Sponsors and families -are extremely proud of the boys.

Its  been a great start to Season 2014.

The return of some of our favorite players along with a mix of new players will make for a very exciting season.

Returning to the club after a break away, or back from retirement are players such as
™Mark White
™Chris Pyne
™Chris Adams
™Jackson Roe
™Tom Higgins

Local 18's from 2013 stepping up into First Grade
™Jacob Garland
™Brendan Williams

Long serving junior players turning up week in week out to play for their club
™Brett Stevens
™Jayden Brown
™Kori Barber
™Joe Woodbury
™Jade Antcliffe
™Joel Hafey
™ Rhys Binns
™Zeb, Archie & Fabian Dunstan
*more players to be added

The backbone of our seniors
™Riley Brown
™Brendan Hlad
™Al Lantry
™Joel Brown
™Gene Brown
™Sean Metcalf

So many more.

Grt to the game.


Welcome to CRLFC Season 2014

A New Year. 
A New Look.

While all of the die hard Cessnock Supporters will undoubtably miss the presence of our 2013 Coach Todd Edwards, we wish him well and hope that he enjoys this year and the opportunity to watch the games from the Hill with the Old Boys and watching someone else carry the burden that coaching can bring.

2014 Welcomes our new First Grade Coach


Help us in supporting him, along with his coaching team to
guide and lead our boys to what we hope will be a successful year for the Goannas.

There are whispers that a local larakin, and all round great guy, Mark White, is making a return to the Goannas. All you younger guys, take a leaf out of this guys book - an amazing Clubman. . . and still going strong.

Chris Pyne has also decided to put his retirement plans on hold and will be back on the park in season 2014

2013 saw the end of an era for players like Adam Tearle, Mick Deacon 
and Brad 'Huey' Grant who have all been great ambassadors for the Club and for the game. We wish them all well and hope to see them and their families on the hill from time to time during the 2014 season.

What is in store for Season 2014 & The Cessnock Rugby League Football Club?

Coaching Staff:

Under 18's

David Woodbury

Under 23's

Stephen 'THE SWEDE' Dunstan

Reserve Grade

Brett Stevens


First Grade

Stephen Kidd

The Cessnock Rugby League Old Boys Club had an amazingly successful 1st year and the help, support and assistance from these guys was invaluable, especially at home games. 
Cessnock Old Boys now have a Facebook page and Twitter account. 
(Links to these will be uploaded shortly)

More BIG NEWS for 2014 

The introduction of the Cessnock Cutters.

I will source some information on this and pass it on. (I don't want to give my view of what it is, as I could be wrong)
However, I think it is a fantastic opportunity to add depth to our club and to allow those who miss the grade, work shift work, or have other reasons as to why they can't play in Grade, the opportunity to  stay involved in Rugby League.
Congratulations to the guys responsible for implementing and fighting for this.
The Cutters have a Facebook page - more information to be added soon.

Official Facebook Page 


Twitter Account has been created to update fans on score updates on Game Day.

Lets Go Goeys
Our 2014 has begun

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