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Cessnock SportsGround

Football Clubs are run and administered by local people who love their sport and want to see their club perform well and watch individuals develop skills and grow not only as individuals but also as team players.

The Committee members for Cessnock Rugby League are no different.
It is made up of voluteers who offer great support and a wonderful service to ensure that the Club get to compete at the level they do, with excellent, recently upgraded facilities, and very little fuss.

The 2012 Cessnock Rugby League Committee consists of: 

David Cleaves

Darrell Wilkinson

Kristy Wilkinson

Melva McLennan

Ross Murray

Mervyn Mclennan

Kate Ninness

Carol Ninness

Gary Jack

Mandy Dunstan

Chris Amos

The Senior Club has a strong relationship and affilliation with the Cessnock Minor Rugby League. The Minor League have a massive number of kids registered and playing at all ages and all levels of Rugby League. 

Volunteers are hard to get, with life being busy and finding a good work/life balance.  Cessnock Rugby League appreciate all the time, effort and hard work each and every volunteer contributes to game days, the assistance and dedication the volunteers show to ensure that the supporters have hot food, cold drinks, snacks and a clean venue to watch the games.

If you are able to help out, feel free to send your details to cessnockgoannas@live.com.au and I will forward them onto the appropriate people.
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